Fraud Biden Adviser Rahm Emanuel Tells Laid Off Retail Workers "Learn to Code"

Rahm Emanuel, who’s an advisor to fraudster Joe Biden for economic policy, says everyone who’s laid off from the pandemic should learn to code as part of Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” economic plan.

Even though there’s already an oversaturation in the American tech industry considering most younger millennials and zoomers who are male are already proficient in at least one of the major languages (Java, C#, JS, Python and PHP, along with SQL) and know all the basics about data structures and algorithmic time/space complexities / big O notation, version control systems, etc., and in recent years there’s been a massive outsourcing of this labor to cheaper countries like Mexico, India, Poland, and Philippines due to greatly-improved worldwide telecommunications.

Reminder that Rahm got kicked out of office in Chicago for illegally suppressing a police shooting until after his election.

We need to make life for these people as difficult as possible.

Rahm is an Israeli.
Are people still not connecting the dots?
Biden and Harris are Israeli agents.

No wonder the Big Tech is the enemy of America.
(Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft)