First #MAGA Hats and now Tattoos?

Has New Zealand lost it’s mind? Jumping at shadows. Anything conservative leaning is being attacked. Turning a crisis into political hay.


Great rundown video @force_liberty! On that clip of that Muslim singing in New Zealand. What was that from? Was that some kind of rally for Muslims?

No, it was the PMs vigil for support of the Islamic faith … not just for the victims. Of course the attack is unacceptable … but support for a faith is another issue …

Muslims have invaded our lands through the invitation of our politicians. They attack us without fear of retribution. We are told “not all Muslims” and “don’t look back in anger” while they rape and kill us over and over again.

If you feel the “attack” was unacceptable what course of action would you find acceptable?

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The so-called religion of peace is quick to kill when are the infidel .

Actions required are enforced: lawful, limited, reciprocal and merit based immigration. If you start attacking unarmed people this way, we will never win the social debate and be worse off.

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The problem is we have already been overwhelmed by them in many areas of the US. The same is true for much of the Western world.

Strict immigration controls such as the elimination of chain migration would help to slow down the flood, but there are already too many in the West. They demand assimilation to their culture and way of life…and our traitor politicians are far too willing to beat us into submission.

Except congress isn’t interested in limiting immigration, illegal immigration or asylum.

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I know that. See my post.

Dearborn, Michigan is considered the “Muslim capitol of the US,” at over 50% Islamic, and is home to America’s biggest Mosque.

The annual Arab-American Festival in Dearborn (below) was permanently cancelled a few years ago after Christians were beat up and had rocks thrown at them by Muslims at the festival. The lawsuit that resulted from the attack rendered the festival impossible to insure after that and forced its cancellation.

Before 1965 we had a beautiful, nice and safe white homogeneous society for our families and people to enjoy. The globalists ruined EVERYTHING for us with:

  • Mass third world Immigration
  • Multiculturalism and diversity
  • Lack of purpose
  • Abortion
  • LGBT degeneracy
  • Feminism
  • Divorce
  • Communism
  • Pornography

You may have to use code words to get your point across. Many of the “conservatives” here employ the same tactics of the left and will call you a racist for making factual statements such as:


If that same picture were made today there wouldn’t be any white heterosexual males in it. All of the white women would have black partners. The kids would all be gender fluid mulattos. There would be a random interracial gay couple in the foreground with poodles and hula hoops.


It’s also racist to notice these things. Very racist.


Of course it is and that’s why what @force_liberty is saying won’t work. Lawful immigration enforcement is now also racist and cucked conservatives are too scared to wear the badge with honor. They haven’t realized that no matter what they do they will be called racist. Might as well stop worrying and start living.

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Lawful immigration is not racist and yes we wear this badge with honor. It is not based on race rather principles of limited, reciprocal, and merit. One needs to make a stand with clear messaging.