Firing of Mark Esper by Trump. What does it signify?

How can this firing be related to Trump’s action against corrupt Biden/Harris?

Is Esper not a patriot?

It signifies that Mark Esper is a deep state tool and shouldn’t have been in the job in the first place.


It also means Trump is still in charge and has started to clean house.
Fauci or Wray or Barr next

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Trump strikes back!
It’s going to be very exciting.

The behavior of these people, especially after what Trump did for the military is absolutely atrocious and disgusting. It is also extremely very dangerous at the same time. This firing was well deserved, however, within the ranks at DOD is more worrisome and it is my hope that Trump is surrounded by his most trusted guards, he needs security by the people he trusts at a time when it is needed most.

Secretary Esper gave an interview to the Military Times the day after the election indicating he would not follow any further orders from the administration. These public comments likely led to his removal.

Throughout the President’s first term in office politically-minded military flag officers have sought to undermine the administration effort to withdraw from global conflicts. During an interview with Bob Woodward, former Defense Secretary James Mattis admitted to plotting the overthrow of the U.S. government under Trump.

One of the more obvious exhibitions of the Pentagon outlook was in their support for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman who attempted to frame a false impeachment effort because President Trump’s foreign policy did not align with the preferred intervention approach of the military industrial complex.

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