Feral Nigerian Rapper in Sweden Calls For White People to be Shot

They are reaping precisely what progressive bleeding hearts have imposed on them… Opening their doors as if no evil exists in the world was naive stupidity in the first order… You can arm wave all you want about what has happened in the ME but the fact is, the only countries seeing a large uptick in this kind of societal upheaval are the ones who open their borders and welcome in a culture than has little comparability with the West. Russia was certainly more involved int eh ME than Sweden but they don’t seem to have a twisted clash of cultures as is quite apparent in the likes of Sweden, Germany, France and increasingly in the US.

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If Sweden does not scrape out the liberals and One World Clowns, remove all Africans and muzzies from their country, Sweden will fall and be extinguished from history as all failed nations have been erased. They must choose their own people or the invaders, they cannot choose both and survive.

Sweden is a conquered country by the Muslim immigrants that were welcomed in by it’s useful idiot politically correct leaders.

Of course their are three wars going on in the world and I am afraid that Sweden is gripped by all three:

  • Nationallism vs Globalism

  • Communism vs Capitalism

  • and a three way war between Christianity, Secularism and Islam…

Fighting cultural shifts on one front is tough but on three? I think the minute we bought into the ill-considered concept of ‘peaceful coexistence’ between Communism and Capitalism the seeds were sown for all of this because as we know, communism cannot exist anywhere if their is a capitalist choice somewhere else… communism must live in a secular state… and Islam will exploit the weakness of a secular society not grounded in Christian values…

Sweden is on the verge of complete societal break down. Just a matter of time. I’ve met a lot of Swedes over my travels around the world for my job, and 99.9% of them are flaming libcucks. Sorry to any Swedes on here, but holy shit I’ve never seen a people more indoctrinated in my life. Absolutely no opinions of their own, just parroting their government and media.

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Sweden is becoming the Islamic People’s Republic of Scandinavia. The next PM could be wearing a robe and towel.

Sweden has become a school of sardines with sharks cutting swaths through it. They wriggle & kick & adhere to the school, but still they are eaten by the mouthfuls. The epitome of socialism. Death is their reward for conglomerate stupidity. Sweden’s fate is the result of Socialist paradise.

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You know I’m not generalising?? But for every one like you there are a thousand NOT like you, if you get my meaning?

The reason is that radical Islam is shit-scared of Putin, and will leave Russia until last - and even then, if Putin is still in power, they might have second thoughts about going into Russia at all. They’ll remember how they were well and truly hammered by him in Chechnya. Putin won’t pussy-foot around like western leaders - he’d go in fast, and go in hard, and that’s what IS would not only expect, but it also respects as well.

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I’m afraid to say it’s the feminist effect at work.

It is the most illogical thing I can think of! Why invite some low lives to your house who are going to beat you up, rob and rape you?

What do Swedish women eat? Are they avid vegans or do they tuck into reindeer steaks?

I think it’s the nature and nurture thing; that they really did believe they were all refugees ‘fleeing war zones’, and in desperate need of solace and sustenance?

Ok, but what makes them so gullible? Why can they not think a little bit for themselves? If they are vegans, I can offer an explanation. If not, then I don’t know. The brain requires a nutrient called choline to function properly. The human body can make a little bit in the liver and there are minuscule amounts in vegetables, but the primary source is meat and dairy. There, scientific proof that vegans are stupid.

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I agree. They know the Russians operate by their own rules and don’t care / have never cared about what other countries think of them. In the case of Islamic subversion, Putin would defend Russia to the very last man.

My God , WHERE ??? Most blacks are ALWAYS the victim and we " owe " them , :roll_eyes:

All the hysterical Russophobia which these days is de rigueur in the West (think ‘Salisbury/Novichok’ for example) is because Putin makes our own ‘leaders’ seem like a bunch of wimps by comparison . . . which of course is the actuality.

You could be onto something there. lol Although I think it’s more to do with DNA - or even hormones? - than diet.

Northern European gene pool. Same as Polish women, but I bet you don’t see Polish women being pathetic feminist libs.

If any did, their menfolk would soon chance their minds.

Swedish people are Nordic and polish people are Slavic they are genetically two different groups