Feinstein says she's stepping down as top Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee

Looks like the progs are cancelling her for being a decent human being to Lindsey Graham

She should have been thrown in prison for having a Chinese spy as her personal driver for 20 years.

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It’s time that the old regime steps aside. We allowed Biden in because he will do what he’s told. Any of these other politicians who think they have agency and Independence better think again.

What if Americans overthrow your type of government? Do you think trying to find asylum in the sub Sahara was all worth it?

It’s time to jail the entire leftist movement and disband and jail all leftist anarchists.

You allowed, what a laughable piece of human trash you are, you allow nothing, your leaders have you under control and make you believe you actually have a voice yet you have nothing, are nothing, control nothing and are a tool of the establishment.

The old guard of the Democratic party needs to be brought in touch with current realities. Angry voters made the difference in the Democratic victory of November 7. These individuals are seeking justice. That means following the trail of corruption wherever it leads, including the White House (even after the current occupant departs).