FBI Arrests Ghislaine Maxwell

She will be dead with in how many days------------




How long did Jeff last.

Isn’t she a member of the extended Rothschild family, if I’m not mistaken?
If so, she can be released very soon.

It’s the big honcho Rothschilds in London and Paris, and their agent Soros who are pulling the strings in all the theatrics involving pandemics, revolutions, wars and all their nastiness.

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Depending on how she sings, this could not only be the end for Clinton’s freedom, it could also be the end of Trump’s Presidency. You can bet the SDNY prosecutors would cheerfully have her lie to bring down Trump.

Why would her death affect Trump?
The ultimate order to arrest her came from him, did it not?
His hands are tied to a degree because of Kushner.

She had plenty of opportunity to have legally left the country. Why did she stay?

No worries, without corroborating evidence nothing she has to say really matters.

She was gone to France or somewhere.
Question is, why she came back.