Famous Civil Rights Lawyer Leo Terrell — ‘Michelle Obama is racist’

A civil right Attorney calling Michelle Obama out! Ouch!

Back in the 2008 campaign Michelle sat in the kitchen of her family’s $1+ million mansion declaring the injustice of America requiring her and Barack to pay back their student loans. Barack’s academic records are sealed but her’s show Harvard law admitted her over more qualified white applicants. Nonetheless she maintained that America is a mean country.

At the DNC Michelle demonstrated her resentment towards the country by brazenly condemning institutional racism as permeating every aspect of our existence only this time from her $12 million dollar summer home.

Naturally the irony of another rich Democrat condemning the country that gave them unmatched opportunities cannot be mentioned by the Resistance media.

This was the same woman who was sipping champagne on the Riviera watching Notre Dame in flames and gleefully cheering it on to burn down. Truly a vile human being!

An old lady asked Michelle Obama for help reaching something off a top shelf when she was doing a photo op in Target, roaming the aisles and getting in everyone’s way unannounced.

Michelle grabbed the item but later claimed that she was only asked because she is black, implying the woman is a racist.

When they asked the woman why she asked her, she replied: because she is tall.