Failing NY Time Spews Hate at Marco Rubio

Rubio hits back at NYT reporter who called him out for ‘smiling’ at Trump rally

Don’t let a reporter from the Gray Lady catch you smiling at a Trump rally.

Senator Marco Rubio hit back at a New York Times reporter after the writer tweeted that it was “very strange” to see the Florida senator “smiling and chuckling” at the president’s re-election rally in Orlando Tuesday evening.

“BREAKING,” Rubio tweeted mockingly in response to Michael Barbaro. “In an unprecedented move a Republican Senator attended a rally in his home state in support of the re-election of a Republican President.”

In another tweet directed at Barbaro, he aligned himself with several of the president’s policies. “As opposed to smiling & chuckling at a rally for a radical liberal candidate for President who will undo policies to confront China, reduce regulations & taxes, defend liberty in Venezuela & protect the unborn?” he asked rhetorically.

Rubio also called out Barbaro, writing that after weeks of covering him in 2015, the reporter “uncovered that my wife had traffic tickets, I had a fishing boat & my home has big windows.”

Oh my God! Someone smiled at a great fun rally! This is how low and despicable the fake news media has become, that they would actually try and make a story about someone smiling at a Trump rally. This troll is just as bad as the Liberals we have in this forum.

Great tweet by Rubio:

Having a GREAT time at a political rally , UNHEARD OF . :roll_eyes:
Will these liberal rags ever report news and find a cure for TDS ?

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Doubtful. They need to be replaced with better outlets