FACTS about the Texas Heartbeat Act

Just the facts, lady.
(Seriously, there are a couple of truly MORONIC threads on Fascistbook about that idiotic, poorly written soap opera Handmaidens Tale, comparing it with the Texas law.)

  1. Texas doesn’t have a king. Texas has a legislature, same as most states. The Texas Legislature passed the bill protecting unborn BABIES with heartbeats from being aborted.
  2. The Texas Legislature did not shoot its way into power. It was elected by the people. (And Texas election laws are pretty solid, unlike blue states.)
  3. NINE female Texas legislators SPONSORED this bill.
  4. The Texas bill is somewhere in the MIDDLE of the national abortion debate. The Alt Right would do away with abortion altogether. The Democrat party, (even in a couple of states) actually legislated that a BORN BABY could be aborted if the mother changed her mind. The Texas bill covers rape and incest, (since the six weeks until heartbeat is plenty of time). The Texas bill likewise allows abortion in order to save the life of the mother. Most of :America agrees with this.

Here is the bill:

You already know what to expect from the libs here.

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And don’t forget, people in Texas that still choose abortion can go to another state.

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They have that choice. They EVEN have the choice in Texas, up until the time a HUMAN BEING with a heartbeat emerges.


Yet the left wets their panties over a law only affecting people in Texas.

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It’s the FemiNazi abortion cult. The left is NOT pro choice by a long shot. They get completely outraged if a pregnant woman is even talked out of having an abortion.
With these brownshirts, Abortion is a holy sacrament, one of deliverance from the Patriarchy model humans have lived by for centuries. Their only goal is for as many abortions to take place as possible.
This model began with Eugenics. The founder of Planned Parenthood influenced the Holocaust.

Hence the Limbaugh term FEMINAZI.

Just like that nasty hoe Whoopi Goldberg and her 7 abortions , can you even imagine 7 more whoopi’s on this earth WTF :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:
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The great thing about this forum is that you can engage in DEFINITION OF CHARACTER. I called Whoopie a ho on Fascistbook and got 30 days in der Kooler.

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Fu@k Mark Fuckleberg and his censorship of anything not liberal .