Epstein Time Bomb: Ghislaine Maxwell's Private Emails Hacked, Lawyers Confirm

I wonder who will be blackmailing whom now that these emails are in the hands of at least one hacker.

Where the hell has she been hiding out? Rumor is Israel but I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere.

Maybe its Fusion GPS attempting to purge Cigar Bills info from being publicised.

If you think her emails getting hacked will be meaningful, you’ve lost the plot. She’s well protected, has been from the start, and nothing more will come of this story.

When the media first began covering the Epstein story, there were a number of big names being floated in connection - Tony Blair, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Bill Richardson, you name it. Then, with some smart media management, all of those names faded away, to make room for Prince Andrew. What a royal scandal! And then, Harry and Megan announced they were leaving, and Prince Andrew has hardly been mentioned since. The whole thing, effectively forgotten. Very convenient timing.

That’s what you can expect. That is all you can expect, forever.

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Her being well protected has nothing to do with the contents of her emails being well protected now that they may be in the hands of others…in mass. The emails are now more subject to becoming publicized and inflicting damage on Epstein’s horny friends.

Pay attention to the connections:

  • Saudi Crown Prince is caught as the person who hacked Jeff Bezos
  • It was because Bezos owns the Washington post, which is the paper Khashoggi worked for
  • A month before MBS (saudi prince) caught, tortured and killed Khashoggi, he hacked Bezos
  • MBS used the hack to get info on Khashoggi to then lure, capture, torture and kill him by sawing him in pieces
  • Washington post reported on the murder and linked it to MBS
  • MBS then used the hacked data on Bezos to “leak” info on Bezos cheating on his wife
  • MBS caused the divorce of Bezos and his wife (costing Bezos half of his wealth)
  • MBS hacked Bezos using highly classified ISRAELI spyware software
  • MBS got the israeli software from Kushner
  • The hack was through a corrupted file sent on whatsapp
  • MBS also had contact on whatsapp with: Bill Gates, Epstein, Kushner, Boris Johnson, and many more elites
  • World Economic Forum event was yesterday
  • Kushner was there
  • Kushner was supposed to go to the Holocaust event in Israel
  • Just after the evidence linking MBS to the Bezos hack, Kushner cancels his trip to Israel and goes to Washington

Strange how all these prominent people are suddenly getting “hacked”

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Apparently Maxwell’s email was hacked during or after August, 2019…after the release of poorly redacted court papers.

Do you have access to the timeline related to the bullet items you listed above?

I haven’t watched the video yet, but plan to do so when Schiff shuts up later this evening (or early morning). There may some timing information in it or at least enough information to tell me that her hacking came first.

I see this is likely not connected to the Maxwell email hack.

Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) began sharing information from ,
Jeff Bezos’ phone in May 2018, well over a year before Maxwell’s court papers were released.

That’s a fascinating video. I plan to use TruNews.com in the future.

…and I do not open files or links in emails I receive from sources I do not know…and then only if the email has been certified virus free.

Pegasus 3 sounds like a really wicked malware program.

Speaking of timelines, here’s an interesting one regarding things that happened before and after the Bezos hack: