Elon Musk, Twitter and the Proxy War ***UPDATES***

New from Glenn Greenwald

Interview with Trump says he is not interested in returning to Twitter

Twitter Stocks tumble after Musk’s offer is rejected

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Wait till the DOJ involves the SEC in this.

Its already happening according to a few people I have spoken to. If you sit on a board and refuse an offer like the one Musk has done, then they have a fiduciary duty to the share holders to sell. They better have a good reason, then again this is also political so who knows what excuse they may come up with if they have the Deep state stepping in to pull some shenanigans to prevent Musk from taking over. This is an important fight.

Look out if Nutty Nancy and Sleazy Schumer launch House and Senate investigations along with putting the IRS dogs on Musk.

Funny that you say that, because both parties have ignored the sec 230 issue. Probably because they are now giving free reign to an open platform to censor people which is considered the public square to which benefits them.


Yes, I maybe more of a Nostrodamus than Son of Monte Jtss Ha Ha Ha Ha ( only joking, couldn’t resist)

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