Educate a Liberal 🤔

Don’t take my word for it, others here share the same opinion of you! Keep doubling down your immaturity is being exposed!

So moral values can be redefined as the majority decides? May we kill the Jews you hate so much on a whim? Kristalnacht anniversary just passed, may we burn Jewish businesses if our new morals allow?
You can not win this debate. Morals can never be by majority/mob/human-decided rule and still protect the minority.

Where has @montecresto1 posted his hatred of Jews?

What is this morality that allows the current occupant to deride and defame anyone who challenges him?

Pussy grabbing?

Gold Star families??

Those who have served America with honor and distinction???

Children who only want to make the world a better place for all of us???

Judges with Spanish surnames???

What new morality is this and what is its genesis?

I judge people on what they do (if possible to know) rather than what they say. Here of course, I can only judge folks, like you on your comments.
Hatred is something that is uglier on the person hating than on his victim.

Or on the folks here trolling other websites.

Thanks in advance for agreeing.

Yeah ok Jason Bourne! When you have proof of the allegations your accusing me of post it here, other wise STFU!

He is flaming mad because he was outed by Tyfoon and now is desperate to discredit others here with false accusations! What is the definition of projection again?

You see, ya can’t please everyone , so ya got to please yourself.

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Not just can be, they are…

WTH are you going on about dude. Are you having a bad day? Don’t throw it off on me…:roll_eyes:

That isn’t an answer to my question. Aren’t there ANY limits to how depraved our morals can become? Or, is there a standard set by some measure?

I answered you earlier. Morals evolve and are very subjective, irrespective of YOUR personal beliefs. :man_shrugging:

Is there and standard below which we will not go? If not, then there is no such thing as moral standards.

No they are not, because there is always a reference point of origin for morals! You are conflating origin of knowledge with origin of morals and they are not the same! Essentially you are incorrect in your supposition!

Again, “standards”/morals are ever evolving and subjective. All one needs do is start asking people around the world what their moral standards are. And do the same again 100 years later.

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Again, you are claiming if the majority claims the moral standard is to accelerate the evolutionary natural selection process by eliminating undesirables, then that becomes the moral standard? No true moral standard?

Back to the OP (who hasn’t posted a thing in his/her own thread).

What Do You Consider Basic Human Rights?

I like this one:

Article 19 (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

White people are being literally DEPRIVED of their human rights. How long will oppressive liberals, leftists & media keep doing this?


Waiting for more “fast food for thought” from his high school social studies teacher, no doubt

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This is absolute truth.
Imagine what was permissible in Europe 500 years ago.
I don’t go into gory details, but the mind-frame of Muslims is also in transition. It just takes time.

Real socialism is not what satanist Karl Marx preached.
Young liberals are confused as to what is true socialism and what is Marxism.

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Dude, you’re NEVER going to be in charge of what the moral standards are, so give it up…