Duke University and UNC

It appears that finally someone with a brain has finally decided to crack down on Universities receiving grants for religious studies, but who spend the money whitewashing Islam and not providing equal time to ■■■■■■ and Christian studies. I watch this debate on Television, and as usual extreme leftist where there complaining about racism, bigotry and Islamophobia.
Whom ever you are at the Department of Education,THANKS!

I had no idea this was even going on so thank you for posting it. Here is a link to the story. I have never heard of this source before so I don’t know if it is biased or not.

I do think the Trump administration is doing the right thing here. All of a sudden academia and the left has become obsessed with Islam. It’s weird and it’s totally anti-American and anti-Western.

these universities that are federally funded shouldn’t be so biased, and if they want to be, then they should lose all the funding. In reality they probably don’t need it anyway because they are charging so much money and getting it from so many hard-working people and foreigners that flood into our schools and don’t even try.

“They” as in the cultural Marxists, are latching on to Islam because destroying Western traditions like Christianity is their objective! It’s a false pretense put forth by Post Modernist professors who have tried to make this about equal opportunity and learning about other cultures and religions when in fact it’s covert indoctrination.

Good. Long past time.