Drunk Nancy Pelosi

. As she gets ready to go on a two week vacation again on the-tax payers dime , all the problems that are not being addressed debt sealing ,Inflation, a Budget for the US Military budgets, resolutions new legislation for illegal Immigration, Covid 19 Relief , numerous House requirements to keep the Country running what dose the old drunk do Nancy Pelosi isn’t impressed with Republican rival Kevin McCarthy’s overnight speech aimed at blocking the passage of a key plank in Joe Biden’s economic agenda.

Asked Friday at a news conference about McCarthy’s record-breaking speech of 8 and 1/2 hours on the House floor to stall a vote on the Build Back Better Bill, Pelosi said she “didn’t even pay attention” to the speech because speeches on the other side of the aisle are “not fraught with meaning or fact.” . She is all yours America will Impeach the drunk

Oh for christ’s sake. The whole congress will be on “vacation” (recess) ……

Why can’t you post anything of value?

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The same question everyone has for you.

This may be of interest:
Pelosi Says She Will Arrest Any Congressperson Caught With Copy Of The Constitution

August 3rd, 2021 - BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Nancy Pelosi announced today that she will strictly be enforcing her anti-Constitution rule at the Capitol and that any congressperson caught carrying a copy of the document will be arrested.

“I’ve instructed Capitol Police to arrest anyone with this dangerous document,” she said. “It has harmful misinformation in there about how you can just go about doing whatever you want, which is against the public health. This is for your own good. Anyone with the documents will be arrested and sent to jail without trial, as this is a public health emergency.”

Experts applauded the move, praising Pelosi’s courage to “do whatever is needed” to protect the public from all the infectious freedoms that have been proven by the experts to spread infection. “The Founding Fathers could have never foreseen people getting sick and dying,” said the experts. “We’re sure they’d totally understand the need to scrap the Constitution in this instance.”

Luckily, no Democrats or Republicans were caught with a copy of the Constitution.

Monty… we agree on something! :+1:

A stopped clock is right twice a day….:man_shrugging:

shows you when DRUNK Nancy Pelosi gets close to her gallon a day of Vodka you will say and do anything here is what else she says A widely shared clip said to show U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying she does not want U.S. President Joe Biden to talk and answer questions has been interpreted by social media users as authentic. However, the clip originally appeared on a satirical YouTube account.

The 10-second video shows Biden sitting on a chair and speaking at a virtual conference, with Pelosi viewable on a television screen opposite him.

At the beginning of the clip, Biden says: “I am happy to take questions if that’s what I am supposed to do, Nance. Whatever you want me to do.”

At the seven-second mark, Pelosi is seen clicking off from the screen with only Biden viewable. Audio is then heard with an individual, presumably Speaker Pelosi, saying: “Am I on? No, we don’t want [Biden] to talk. Pelosi is heard as saying I am POTUS and we will have to get rid of Kamala Harris

It’s satire from the Babylon Bee.

I think you missed something…:thinking:

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Did you feel the rush of wind as this went over your head?

no but the rush of wind when I shove Drunk Nancy Pelosi gavel up your ass might help you understand English have a wonderful day dude