Dr Manhattan keeps changing titles....trump never ordered 100 million vaccines because”

vaccines that the drug company offered…the drug company offered 3 times and trumputin
didn’t accept…

The word is retrumpliCONS want to kill off millions of seniors because they didn’t want to pay for
their healthcare…simply disgusting

Who cares, not taking that stupid shit.

Remember only democrats sent elders to their deaths. Can’t think of any republican states that did that.

Also Biden wants to tax those seniors on their social security which is some people’s only source of income

Well everyones going to learn what people like you feel about your fellow man
the retrumpliCON party is full of people like you…and sooner than later everyone
will know it…You might feel different if your mother of father got it and didn’t make it…pathetic

He’ll never do that period

Him taxing their social security is in his tax bill.

If you haven’t noticed, we are now 28 trillion in debt and running record budget deficits…:man_shrugging:

Ya trumputin has been very good the the rich and the big corporations…
looks like Joe will have a big job getting it all back…it won’t be easy…

Didn’t donnie say he was going to pay the debt off…it looks like he added about 10 TRILLION TO IT…
I guess that slipped his mind…donnies not very good at numbers…if fact donnies not very good at anything but lying…

Did you hear donnie lost EVERYTHING for the retrumpliCONS OH MY…didn’t many here say donnie was going to win 40 states…none of the losers here are very good at numbers either…isn’t it so sad…

And no complaints from the professing “conservatives” here. They’ve been largely silent about the debt and deficits for four years. But now that Biden’s president, we’ll start seeing the handwringing again about debt. Their hypocrisy is completely transparent

You referring to the vaccine?