Donald J Trump and America

Why Pelosi Biden Harris Schumer Democrats and some Republicans people hate Donald J Trump and America
Kudos to Jeff Erding for writing “Fact Checking the Haters,” April 20, 2020; as a counter to the misinformation and outright lies put out by the left-leaning mainstream media. As expected, the leftist media is exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to smear him as a complete “failure” and even describing him as a “sociopath” while gleefully discussing how this pandemic can help the Democratic Socialists in 2020.
Why do Leftists hate America? America is a massive refutation of their utopian fantasy, universal equality. They compare America with their vision of a perfect country which has never existed. Rather than change their false theories, they lash out at America and conservatives, including Trump.
If we consider a “perfect” country, it is not hard to find problems in America: racial prejudice, economic exploitation and inequality, greed, etc. However, countries do not exist in fantasyland; they exist in the real world. However, the world that surrounds us is not too idyllic. If we compare the US to its surroundings, America is the one that begins to resemble an idealized paradise. Otherwise, why do so many foreign nationals risk life and limb to get to America?
In any election, the overriding consideration in voting should be the political ideologies associated with candidates and the direction America should take. Is it:
a. American Conservatism, promoted by Republicans and founded on Biblical/Christian principles that have resulted in the greatest country to have ever existed? Or,
b. Democratic Socialism, based on godless Marxism that has resulted in catastrophic failure with over 100 million people murdered by their governments in the 20 th century alone, with millions more living in poverty and misery whenever and wherever it’s been tried? Venezuela is a current example.
The hate for America and Donald J Trump is due to Trumps no political approach to issues, in other words he dose not care if it cost votes HE is a leader and lead the Country in the way the majority of US Citizens want him to lead, Look at Biden for 10 months now, Everything they have done is a failure and when asked why Bidens ideas and actions did not work they say its Trumps fault. This site has its share of idiots that when they disagree with you , Try to insult you that your spelling is bad and grammar. I think that’s gate, Talk to me about what ya disagree with and I will respond, if you do not like what I say and do not ask questions then I will say what Pervert Joe Biden says when asked a question, Shut the Fxxk up I am not going to answer any question and go run and hide

America and Donald J. Trump are not synonymous….:roll_eyes:

Really??? How so??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Nor is Monte and American synonymous

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Well is Biden and America synonymous???

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Really now, you think that the Democratic Party is the only party to have had power throughout the 20th century? And more startling, that the American government “murdered” more than 100 million of its own citizens in that century……:flushed::flushed::flushed: