DOJ is pursuing Julian Assange aggressively to Extradite Him to the US: Hearing is This Week

In case you have missed it, Julian Assange’s extradition hearing got under way recently and one of the leading questions being raised is whether Trump will pardon him in order to end what many think is a power play to silence him by the Deep State. Him and Snowden are precariously in the same position, although Snowden is not in prison and currently learning Russian, however I am sure for any American living abroad myself included a desire to return home without fear for ones life is something I am sure that most would want.

Assange however is suffering more and for what? For exposing the truth to the public about corrupt officials playing the elitist game of unjust wars? He not only embarrassed Obama, but the CIA as well and it would appear on the surface anyway, that Assange is being used as leverage, or is a pawn for something bigger at play. If the DOJ, led by William Barr are truly seeking to convict Julian Assange, then that would mean Barr is compromised and that would also confirm he is complicit in obstructing justice from being done. On the latter, of course this is speculation before the Durham report has been released, but make no mistake, if this turns out to be true, then in the end it won’t matter, as it will become clear equal treatment under no longer exists:

On another note, if Trump decided to pardon both Snowden and Assange, then I would also suspect a more broader bump in support for his base and rising favor in the polls just before election if such an announcement was made! This is a non partisan issue, and if this move should be made by Trump then people from both sides should be happy about the prospects of that happening. After all Trump brokering peace deals in the ME and hardly anyone blinks an eye, but Snowden and Assange being pardon? Hold the press!

Glen Greenwald makes an emphatic case as to why both men should be pardoned. Excellent!