Does Trump Flip off The Media?

Things that make me say hmmm? If its true, I am good! I am OK with that!

Hey fake news! Go f** off! Ha!

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Oh no - something else for the mainstream media to analyze to death and spend HOURS scream talking about and making connections to Russia and Putin.

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That is OK! Let them! It just means more time for Trump to get shit done instead of having to address the media’s childish obsessions!

Trump seems to be adroit at sending the media down rabbit trails for his (and our) own amusement.

I know right? I love this president! There will never be a president like this one in our life time! :rofl::rofl:

Oh and added measure there was this bit of news!

I think I hear crickets on this one Doc.

Maybe, but did you read the the PDF of the submission from his law-firm? Its for real!

Did not read it, but there are enough non-socialist news sources reporting the fact. Crickets from the dinosaur media.