Do You Believe This Is Real?

It is plausible that it is in development, maybe not scalable yet.

Anything that was shown in the original Star Wars or Star Trek will eventually become a reality.

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Hologram confront tool real.

With tech where it is today it’s entirely possible. Remember the HG isn’t right there on the stage with her, they are using CGI to show it there.

The audience is seeing on a screen probably on the back wall.

As for the translator, no problem. Just program the computer with your voice and the text of the speech, process it and you can then project the hologram on a screen.

The real trick will be in getting to where you can project it to any given point in a room without a screen like we see in Scifi today.

That’s going to take a while.

With the possible exception of faster than light travel I agree.

We may simply never be able to harness enough energy to fold space or create the theoretical warp bubble.

Nope, (blimey that woman’s voice is going right through me!) , because a few time when she was ‘speaking’ Japanese there was a loss of sync. There’s something fishy about it, but I don’t know what, obviously.

The Japanese sounds all right.
At least grammatically correct.

I think this has a tremendous upside for business. Instead of wasting a bunch of money flying everyone to conferences all over the place, they can just film holographic presentations and broadcast them. They can even do live q&a over chat.

She isn’t speaking Japanese, the computer is.

The computer matches the audio with the CGI created video.

That hologram isn’t even standing there, it’s been added to the video just like you’d see in a movie.

What the audience is seeing is a projection on a screen at the other end of the room.