DNC Official May Have Violated Neutrality Rules to Help Joe Biden

The DNC is a sham, the candidate is already picked even if not yet announced. Forget your conventions, save your money, stay home with your family. There is no rule in the DNC that the ‘elected’ candidate will be the official democratic candidate.

No surprise there! The socialists heads are going to explode! Bernieites will go even madder!

Oh what a surprise

A repeat of the dnc selecting Hillary in the last election

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Ahh the DNC is once again rigging their primary. In other news, this just in, water is wet.

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hahaha as if they have neutrality standards at all

Gabbard is artificially kept out of the debate to prevent her taking out Warren as she did Harris since she’s the only other woman “allowed” to criticize a woman (can’t call her sexist like any man who attacks her would be)

Ant the left pretends it isn’t happening