Democrats Just had their Worst Week in 47 Years!

Isn’t this just peachy? Some of the articles Highlights:

Let us count the ways…

  1. The Fake News Media Is the Only Shrinking Institution in America’s Booming Economy

  2. Democrats Lost “The Sane One” Joe Biden

  3. Democrats Handed the 4th of July to Trump

  4. Democrats Came Out Against the American Flag

  5. Democrats are Campaigning for Votes in … Mexico

  6. Democrat Presidential Candidates are Documented Extremists

  7. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

  8. Stock Market Go Boom

  9. Cherokee Warren and Kamala ‘Forced Busing’ Harris Are Now Presidential Frontrunners

Linked Artcle is a good laugh all at the expense of the bed-wetting snowflakes!

Yet they and their accomplices in the media will spin it as their best week in decades.

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