Deep State Actor Randomly shooting people on the Highway?

This is the type of shit that I become increasingly suspicious of, especially as the country is in a hot boil over gun rights. So some guy decides he is going to go out and start shooting people? Either we have reached a point in this country where the law is no longer applicable and people like this don’t care if he is suicide by cop statistic or he is a Government plant doing his job by creating another false flag operation.

You decide

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The present administration has to create things to distract voters ., It help their cause to throw money at the poor to keep them happy and clueless .


This is one of the craziest things I have ever seen.

It will not play for me and has 0:00 minutes at bottom left .

Check your browser.

I will upload here

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And it’s a wonder BLM isnt calling for the prosecution of the cop . I can hear Ben Crump now " THE WORLD IS WATCHING , THE WORLD IS WATCHING !!! "

I don’t think the black man’s actions is defensible, he was crazy and got what he deserved.

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I’m sure facts wouldn’t matter to liberal scum , maybe they will only do a 3 minutes kneeing cession in African garb .