Death Wish? Another Black Man Killed

It appears to me that waving a weapon near a police officer is tantamount to suicide.


That mayor should be arrested. He’s allowing cops to be pelted and attacked, and stores burned down

When you charge a police officer with a knife expect to be shot.


And your family to become RICH !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

With the lousy DA there , the case is already rigged against the police.
This is another instance of some dumbass blacks taking advantage of their ethnicity. When police tell you to put a weapon down, you do it, not come towards them with it. He made a bad choice and got a FATAL dose of lead poisoning.
It won’t be long before every lawyer in Philly represents the family to EXTORT money from the PD.

If only it had been a white church then it wouldn’t have been so bad.


I don’t understand the fascination non white run church???

Cops need to be put to death, or at least thrown into general population in prison (which would be much much worse than death) for multiple decades, for any significant overreach of violence with the power that’s entrusted to them.

Lesbo, why all the anger inside against the police???There is only a small percentage of them that are bad.
The others struggle everyday arresting criminals or answering domestic abuse calls. They are mothers and fathers like everyone else and don’t deserve the type of CRAP you say.
When police are found guily of excessive force, they should be punished.
I know someone that’s a detective and investigates child trafficking cases. This person is married, has children and is sick to his stomach when an arrest is made because he thinks of it happening to his children.
You Lesbo would be glad to be in GenPop as you would have a smorgasbord of Pussy to eat any time especially those young girls in for the first time.