Dan Crenshaw teaches Google a lesson

Google got a lesson on free speech today. Have a watch.


It’s more like he taught an empty seat a lesson. Google doesn’t show up for any hearings that they are requested to participate in. I like Dan Crenshaw but this was all for the cameras. He should focus on crafting legislation. That’s his job.

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Libs lie. As long as libs work at these companies, they will create division through false accusations and lies.

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Traditional conservatives aren’t really any better. Ronald Reagan represents the pinnacle of mainstream conservatism and he granted amnesty to millions of illegals. He should have aggressively deported all of them.

Correct me if I am wrong…when Eric Schmidt left Google as CEO in 2017, that was when Google started to shadow ban some conservatives sites from their search engine.
That was in part of the Obama-era leftists and Democrats agenda.

This article is from Inquister in 9/2018