"Crazy Nancy" Trump Presser is a Hoot!

What Trump said about Nancy Pelosi is pretty hilarious and I just had to share it here. Notice all the faces in the room trying to not laugh?

And I quote: " ‘I’ve been watching Crazy Nancy…for a long period of time and she is not the same person — she has lost it.’

This is even weirder as “Crazy Nancy” is slurring her words! Someone doctored a video depicting her as "Drunk ass Nancy. It is probably par for the course for her. Ha! Lol!

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She sounds like she’s badly altered in the original video. The slowed down version just makes her look like a clown who’s on something in slow motion.

What…the Post is concerned about lies and deception now? Ha! That’s rich.

It’s all out war. Go for it video manipulators.

And the left… lefties, do your dirtiest with Trump’s videos. See if it makes a bit of difference. You already demonized him. So you cant hurt him anymore.

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I admit this should have been put into the comedy thread!:joy:

Hey Alex good to see you back to form!

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