Covid 19 mandates

As an operations Manger I m always interested in what is best for my employees thier Family’s and the Company I manage. . Covid 19 is worse now than ever , THE US will never achieve 50 % vaccination, civil rights, the Fact that now their is only 1 FDA approved, religion and People just sick of the Goverment Biden and Fauci telling them what to do.People do not trust either SO I ask your thoughts on More than half of U.S. companies are planning to impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the workplace by year end, with almost a quarter considering vaccination as a condition for employment, according to a national survey of nearly 1,000 employers.

Covid 19 is nothing more than a common cold.
It may have slightly different symptoms, like temporary loss of smell in certain individuals.

Take vitamins C, and D, zinc and let it run its course.
If you can get hold of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and suramin, they are safe, (if you are really suffering).
Vaccines, so-called, are a shortcut to the grave.

“Delta variant” is a complete fiction, for there is no way of identifying the virus as such. The people who supposedly have it have been vaxxed.

The real purpose of vaccination mandates is depopulation of the US from 300 million plus down to 100 million plus. Blacks aren’t buying it. So it’s white genocide.

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Big Pharma is getting richer and richer Fauci and government big wigs are demanding more and more . Our rights are gone ! how many more shots will Biden / Fauci demand in the next 5 years ?

Well I think the issue of Covid 19 Mandates brings up various Human Rights issues, including Freedom of Choice issues. It could be a slippery slope, for example how far will it go? Are they going to prevent people from going into a grocery store to get food if they do not have a Vaccine Passport? How would doing that NOT violate the Human Right to have access to food, without food you starve, so what would that be deliberately starving a good percentage of a population?

What about the Human Right to have access to medicine? Are they going to prevent people from going into Drugstores if they don’t have a Vaccine Passport?