Could (free or subsidized access to) Abortions Be A Part of Agenda 21?

I stumbled across a Holocaust documentary on Youtube, and then upon a link:

And two passages caught my eye: hard kill and soft kill. The hard kill section refers to the attempt of a government, in war, to kill a population through biochemical means- through the mass distribution of deadly pathogens such as HIV, Ebola and some others. The soft kill section refers to a slower means of killing a population slowly. This means poisoning water supplies, high amounts of mercury in vaccines (which is partially why I think that manufacturers and administrators need to be transparent as to what goes into the vaccinations), high amounts of radiation being released into the population through power plants, etc.

And this got me to thinking, since the governments are saying that there is a overpopulation crisis, and some of the pro-abortion and pro-choice logic is to reduce the risk of overpopulation, what if abortions are being used as a means to reduce a population so they can be easier to control by a future global state? What if NATO, WHO and other international organizations become corrupt and endorse or even force abortions as part of population control, as part of a second Holocaust? Are we already there? Perhaps this might mean that globalism and free healthcare should not co-occur with one another. Perhaps it would be best if we’re going to have free healthcare, we should keep it to a nation, and not encompass the planet, because of the potential threats to the human population. The more I think about it, the more it occurs to me that all these policies could be intertwined. Just my thoughts.

Taxpayer funded abortion has been the goal of the left in this country for at least 3 decades.

“Agenda 21” is a little too far off in the conspiracy nut weeds for me so I’ll skip that part of your question.

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So…these death camps have like millions of survivors. Not a very effective Holocaust if you ask me.

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She didn’t mention any death camps that I can see.

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What gov’ts are talking about an “overpopulation crisis” outside of maybe the third world?

What I’m seeing from western nations is gloom and doom beign preached because of falling populations and thus the “need” for mass immigration to prop up the welfare state for aging retirees and those soon to retire.

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Interesting! While countries like China and India’s populations continue to grow! Hmmm?

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Why would anyone wish to kill a helpless innocent creature? Whether we admit it or not, the vast majority of abortions are simply a matter of convenience. Has anyone heard of the new fangled discovery called “BIRTH CONTROL”?