Coronavirus! God-Smacking the Liberal Left | Christian Action

All by itself, the coronavirus has achieved what the pro-family movement wouldn’t have been able to accomplish in a lifetime. They’ve been God-smacked into silence, seclusion, bankruptcy and retreat.

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I agree, the silver lining here is that this virus has slowed down the degenerate agenda of the far-left, and put the fear of God into many. However, don’t think for a second they aren’t coming up with new ways to push their degeneracy down our throats.

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So conservatives and republicans are the beneficiaries of CV19…:thinking:

I’m not saying conservatives or republicans are beneficiaries of CV19. In fact, my article makes note that everyone – including Christians supporting traditional family values – are suffering under the pandemic. The article makes clear, just as was the case during the biblical ten plagues, all will suffer – from political leaders, to their servants, to the masses. No one is excuse when society fails to exalt God in their nation and all will suffer the consequences, though some more than others. The evidence is quite clear, the homosexual movement has taken the hardest hit, which they even admit if you read their briefings, press releases and opinion pieces.

Not in Sodom/Michigan/Gomorrah with their wicked queen.