Contact Your Senator

If you believe that voter fraud occurred during this election, you may want to call, write or email your Senator. Tell him/her you are instructing them of your wishes and for him/her to represent your voice in opposition to the fraudulent electoral college on January 6th. Ask him/her to object to the slate of electors from the battleground states in support of Mo Brooks. If you want, tell your Senator that you won’t vote for him/her at the next election should they refuse to represent your wishes.

But if your Senator is a democrat, don’t bother contacting him/her. If your Senator is a democrat, contact the Senator from the state you were born in. (If you were born in a different state and if that Senator is a republican).

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I’m in Massachusetts so I’ll be mor me then willing to call other senators


Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20th as the 46th president of the United States…:us::us::us::us:

I guess you will help his wife hold the Bible while he takes the oath.