Conspiracy theory then. Now it's the Biden policy. (Vax mandate)

Oh ok……,
Those people must’ve gone somewhere….:thinking:

If somebody dies of Covid, what it really means is that he or she has been murdered.

(That’s why people really don’t die of Covid in their homes — unless they have been vaxxed)

Oh ok, I understand now………

It’s no more bullshit than Leftists thinking that Russia and Putin rigged the 2016 election for The Donald, if so one would have thought Russia and Putin would have then also rigged the 2020 election for The Donald. It was all bullshit.

Nobody thinks that, and nobody’s charged that. What has been charged, and confirmed is that Russia interfered in our elections on trumps behalf….

So they then have MORE RIGHTS then citizens of this Country .

More freedom. Ponder that for a moment. :wink:

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Covid on the Border: Migrants Aren’t Tested on Arrival in U.S. - The New York Times (

No COVID-19 Tests For Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border? (

Who here will be tested ASSHOLE ???

This video is for you.

Conspiracy much?

One has to wonder hearing that why Trump rushed his vaccine through the normal lengthy process to get it to Americans at warp speed….:thinking:

It was the intention of the elite to kill 95% of humanity through vaccination. (The nuclear war option was deleted when Hillary was removed in 2016).

Because of Trump’s warp speed to develop of the killer vax, people are NOW made aware what vaccination is all about (except the sleepers who fail to realize what the fake pandemic and poison vax are all about).

Yeah I know, that elite dirty bastard Trump giving them the vaccine with which to pull it off….:rage:

You missed the whole point.

Trump made it impossible for the elite to kill off 95% of humanity with the warp speed development to coincide vaccination with the PLANNED Biden Presidency.

(Because of Trump’s warp speed thing, the only casualties are sleepers and DEMs)

Oh, ok. So trumps just a stooge and a pawn for the elite….

It’s all coming clear now….:sunglasses:

You still don’t get it.
Trump cleverly sabotaged the elite’s plan.

And let Biden beat him…:joy::joy::joy:

Real Biden is not with us anymore.

There are at least two actors (and/or a clone) pretending to be in the White House.

I heard there was three……image

Did you see the guy wearing a mask?

The bottom line is, whether we like it or not, if we continue to vaccinate ourselves and our children, then a majority of our children will be immunosuppressed on a much larger scale than they already are. This, I believe, is the true goal of the global vaccine agenda: a vaccine-induced pandemic that will kill them off, whether it’s a measles, mumps, or rubella-type reaction (to each his own, but I believe that’s the intent), or something worse. And if that doesn’t work out, they have their second line of attack, in which they will force vaccines upon our entire population - which is happening right now.