Conspiracy theory then. Now it's the Biden policy. (Vax mandate)

Have you ever heard - MY BODY , MY CHOICE ?
If you can KILL a baby with MY BODY , MY CHOICE , you should also be able to say FU@KING NO to big pharma and the Biden cartel !!! ASSHOLE

See this @soulpatrol…………

Well, I don’t personally buy into that. Some do, some don’t. Again… why did some on the Left say they would never take a vaccine Trump had anything to do with? But… now that Biden is POTUS, Trump’s warp speed vaccine/s are just fine… and everyone should be forced to take it/them???

There you go again requesting that I speak for “the left”….Please quote “the left” saying that they “would never take a vaccine that Trump had anything to do with” because the only vaccines that are FDA approved and that the left are taking are Trump vaccines created under the auspices of his operation warp speed….:wink:

Well… you do speak for the Left. I certainly haven’t heard anything out of you to the contrary.

You don’t recall the Congress Critters on the Left decrying the “Trump” vaccine/s and saying they would never take it if Trump had anything to do with it??? You must not have paid much attention…lol.

You really can’t die from Covid. It’s just a common cold.

No. Unvaccinated people can get sick from the spike protein and God knows what shed by the vaccinated morons.

Covid is totally harmless now.

They’ve all taken it and the only vaccines available are Trump vaccines……

So why …

Yes, but they screamed bloody murder when Trump was in office. Now… it’s all good. Of course, you can’t see the folly in that…lol.

Please demonstrate Democrats screaming so……

You really are pretty obtuse, aren’t you?

You can’t demonstrate your claim huh……:thinking:

No need. keep on trolling; you excel at it.

Typical response when busted……:wink:

Yes, I learned that from you Libs.

The concept of Agenda 21 was developed in an effort to provide a practical set of objectives for nations and individuals who wished to live in harmony with the earth and each other.

Yeah, really scary stuff right there.

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They aren’t required to show proof of vaccination and can refuse the vaccination while being Covid positive and relocated into communities.

It is either an issue or it isn’t.

Actions speak louder than words.


COVID-19 testing protocols have existed at the border under both the present and former administrations. Testing is done via a patchwork of federal agencies, local governments, organizations and contractors at various stages of the immigration process.

In April, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security told PolitiFact that it works with state authorities, local authorities and non-governmental organizations to ensure that “100% of noncitizens” are tested for COVID-19 “at some point during their immigration journey.” The agency also has told PolitiFact that a negative coronavirus test is required by the federal government before entry to the U.S.

I see. I don’t subscribe to that.

I have had no side effects from the vaccine. As I have said in other topics… I got the vaccine for my own reasons. Getting CV19 was not a priority in my decision to get it.

I support 100% those who choose not to get the vaccine.