Conspiracy theory then. Now it's the Biden policy. (Vax mandate)

This is happening in more and more countries.

Yes, covid is fake. (It will not kill you if you stay home, take vitamin D, zinc and a lot of sunshine)

But the vax will do what it’s designed for. Mass murder.

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The Dems and big Pharma are getting RICH and they want this for non-compliance …

Why the need to protect those fully vaccinated ??? DUH

They know vaccines don’t work.

I guess it depends on what “work” means.

They don’t work for covid but they kill people.
That’s what it’s all about.

Depopulation. White genocide. That’s the goal.

What’s the ethnicity of the Big Pharma, Big Tech, Bill Gates, George Soros
(and Biden)?

Under Bidet, the Wuhan Virus deaths have increased over this time last year compared to Pres Trump with fewer if anyone vaxed. The VAXERS are able to be reinfected . Has the government closed any research labs that dare to improve the immune system to reduce Big Drug Companies having people hooked on their drugs. Campaign money talks and BS walks.
Lets all pay for a ONE WAY AIRFARE for Dr.Falsie to Wuhan to be incharge of the labs and then confiscate and destroy his passport.

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Which says that the vaccine does NOT work, yet they are FANATICAL about the ENTIRE world getting vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t WORK.

They are so FANATICAL they are now desperate and are THREATENING people. Why?

COVID-19 has a 98% recovery rate, unless you are over 75 or have existing health problems including being obese, for everyone outside of those categories the recovery rate is 98%

They do NOT go full on psychotic DEMANDING that the ENTIRE world take the flu vaccine and MILLIONS around the world die of the flu EVERY YEAR.

So what’s up? WHY are they acting like Totalitarian Psychopaths with the COVID-19 vaccine, that they ADMIT does NOT even WORK?

Something is rotten in Denmark, people are not stupid, they sense that something is very very wrong, they sense all the bullying and threatening suggests that something is very very wrong.

Don’t have the vaccine? Lose your job. Don’t have the vaccine? Be shut OUT of having a normal life. Don’t have the vaccine? Have your kids taken off you etc

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200 million Americans have taken the Trump vaccines and they’re just fine. In fact, over 90% of daily Covid deaths are of the UNvaccinated….:+1:

Wrong, the vaccine is protecting people from serious illness, hospitalization and death……:+1:

Ask the people in the funeral business.

This one is from the UK, but the trend is the same in the US.

Where did you hear that crap from MSNBC?!? :rofl:

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Actually a Fox affiliate. But what does it matter who it is posting the government stats……:roll_eyes:

The information comes on the day the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, gave full approval to Pfizer for its COVID-19 vaccine for those 16 and older. Those 12-15 are still able to get the vaccine through the FDA’s emergency use authorization.

No bureaucracy here lol hahaha

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The agenda is to kill 90 percent of the population and for big government who took sugar water instead of vaccines to own all of the land and resources . It’s all about money and greed and power and slavery. Killing off people slowly for about 3 years … Trust me on this…this all comes back to the lab where Fauci made this bio weapon to kill as many people as possible and it was funded by the richest men in the world for Agenda 21.

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Wow, it’s amazing that people will subscribe to such utter bullshit….:flushed:

The vaccine doesn’t prevent Covid.

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Well if it’s doing all of that then the vaccinated shouldn’t be afraid of the unvaccinated.

Nobody wants to be sickened by Covid. Vaccinated people can still be sickened by Covid, they do however have a very decreased risk of hospitalization and death……

You see this @DMK ???


Eggs are bad for you, too. :grin:

Nice deflection……………