Conservative Speaker Attacked on Stage at Mizzou

More attacks on free speech on another college campus!

Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles is attacked by violent leftists while giving a speech at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Protestors rushed the stage and squirted a bleach-like substance at him and his crew.

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Kansas City and St. Louis are the schweaty armpits of Missouri, and the rest of us who are actually from this State apologize for their existence.


The Left does not know “tolerance”. They have been raised with the concept that when something disagrees with their point of view, they attack it. If they cannot verbally attack it, they physically attack it…thus, they shut down “free speech” and replace it with leftist speech.

If you start throwing chemicals at people to try and shut them up, you deserve to have the fuck completely beat out of you.

Yeah! I agree that shouldn’t be tolerated at all and should be punishable with the harshest of terms. Especially considering that terrorist cause permanent disfigurement when they throw acid on people, so that is no joking matter. Coincidentally, I was sitting at a presser while in Iraq to see President Bush give a speech when a guy stood up and threw a couple of shoes at him. When it was all said and done, SS dragged him away leaving a trail of blood. What was impressive though was Bush’s reflexes to avoid being hit by the shoes!

Chances are when the Iraqis got through with him a big stain was bout all that was left to be found.

Bush cracked me up with that one. Good Job Mr. President!

You failed to mention the fact that the University went on to label him an extremist, what was his extreme position you ask? That men and woman are different.

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I wonder what all those creatures going to do, when reality hits an they need to work for their money, since the student gibs ran out. We have already seen what happens if they get hired in small numbers in comfy office jobs, just look at the AAA games industry burning down, but what happens if you put these weirdos in positions that are mentally and physically demanding? Will they just wreak havoc and kill their supervisor? Do we have to reopen all those evil mental institutions?

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