Congressman wants to arrest Barr

At least that’s what Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee, wants to do.

Keep in mind this is the same idiot who pulled the “KFC” stunt recently

Hmm…would SCOTUS uphold Congress’ power to compel testimony even when there’s little investigative value to as testimony? The allegation by the Dems is that Barr misrepresented the report we all now already have. What specific crime is the House investigating that their subpoena power should be seen at high tide?

Congress can compel someone to appear before it, but I don’t think they can compel anyone to provide testimony.

Yeah good luck with that! The AG is surrounded by his own formidable security force and the SGT-AT-ARMS wouldn’t be able to get through the first door let alone get through to the AG! What a blustering idiot!


I don’t see the ability to arrest or bring in someone before the House anywhere in the Sargeant-at-Arms duties.

"As an elected officer of the House of Representatives, the Sergeant at Arms is the chief law enforcement and protocol officer of the House of Representatives, and is responsible for maintaining order in the House side of the United States Capitol complex. The Sergeant at Arms reviews and implements all issues relating to the safety and security of Members of Congress and the Capitol complex. The Sergeant at Arms also coordinates extensively with the U.S. Capitol Police and various intelligence agencies to assess threats against Members of Congress and the Capitol complex.

Duties include overseeing the House floor and galleries, the House Appointments Desk, the House garages and parking lots, as well as administering all staff identification badges."

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The left has lost all pretense of common sense.


Congress doesn’t actually have the power to investigate crimes. That is an executive branch function. They can only compel testimony for legislative purpose, not criminal investigation purposes.

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They are fully aware of that, I’m sure.

This is just more political posturing and using the MSM to paint the picture/drive the false narrative for them.