Coaxing Breast Cancer Cells to turn into Harmless Fat Cells - BIG NEWS in Breast Cancer Research


I just started the Spring semester of Biology classes at the local CCAC here in PA. We happen to have begun with the Life and Function of cells last week. The best part is I was actually able to understand the article LOL.
This is pretty cool stuff though to be sure.


That is really interesting. This is the first I have heard of it. I’ll be reading up more. Thanks.

Don’t care.

Endometrial cancer is the most common & treatable gynecological cancer in the U S, & I’m willing to bet more men get prostate cancer.

What is it pink ribbon wavers want, anyway? In the last 50 years, there are more treatment options available than radical mastectomy. Many if not most chemo regimens can be received on an outpatient basis.

Every insurance from private to entitlement is forced to cover mammography and implants for mastectomy at 100% whether it wants to or not. What other prosthetic is covered at 100%?

It’s time to give less time, funding and attention to breast cancer research & give it instead to making more cancers or other illnesses, like ALS, more treatable or curable.

You don’t care about advances in treating breast cancer?

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In the first place, endometrial cancer is the most common gynecological cancer.

And regardless of whether or not I care, a middle aged woman has had more of a chance at life than a child with hematological or neurological cancer. I’d rather see advances in curing pediatric cancers.

Lastly Jim Morrison put it perfectly: Nobody gets out of this alive.

Then you don’t care about advances in any cancer treatments.

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Kids, who have had less of a chance than middle aged adults deserve more advances. Why is it middle aged women with breast cancer are such a sacred cow?

They’re not my sacred cow. It’s time for patients with other cancers to get some attention too.

And Morrison was right. Nobody’s immortal.

Then you pick and choose who more deserving.

I don’t share the rest of the world’s sacred cow.

Why is it women in their 40s, 50s & beyond are prioritized when it comes to research over kids?

Chemo regimens that can be taken on an outpatient basis even from home, partial mastectomies and lumpectomies and even the mammogram itself aren’t advances?

There’s even a special Medicaid program to pay specifically for breast cancer treatment. Why can’t generic Medicaid, which I thought was for those who lacked group coverage & couldn’t buy individual coverage, was for.

Is there a special Medicaid program for any other cancer treatment? Oh, and the catch is men diagnosed with breast cancer, like KISS drummer Peter Criss, don’t qualify if they lose their coverage.

Seems conservatives are becoming much the same as liberals with certain causes. They don’t want equitable treatment, they want special treatment, & should one disagree with that special treatment, that person is Johnny Rotten.

I’m Johnny Rotten, and we are just not going to agree here.

Those who have made a sacred cow of funding research & development & health coverage for breast cancer have picked & chosen.

Sacred cow?

Are we talking about science and medical advances or insurance coverage?

You might look into supporting (financially) St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Put your money where your mouth is.

…and if you have money left over, buy the Breast Cancer stamps at the USPS. The price is a bit higher, but it ain’t gonna break your wallet.

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What JKM doesn’t seem to care about researching is that most of the gene therapy protocols and processes are providing a wealth of new knowledge about cancer in general. It’s just a matter of genome and identifying nucleotides and isotopes. This procedure (if proven to be viable by repeated acceptable conclusions to their hypotheses) can be tailored to target the nucleus of other cancer cells . In other words a lot of the function of breast cancer cell is universal to other cancer cells.

Also it is relatively uninvasive to extract a biopsy specimen from a breast as opposed to a prostate. Plenty of women do on a voluntary basis just to further research. Go pick on the American Lung cancer society JKM if you need to bitch about the “undeserving” I, as a smoker, qualify as undeserving of the money thrown into that particular kitty. All the women did was be female. I’m not trying to get you to agree with me either. Just telling you are misguided and a little heartless. Why don’t you go donate some prostate cells for researchers? They always need viable healthy cells for their control group. Put your passion into action man!

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“Go pick on the American Lung Cancer society “


Why? There is an increase of diagnosis of lung cancer among women who’ve never been first hand smokers.

“Why don’t you donate some prostate cells for research?”

I didn’t know I had one as a non transgender female.

The point is you are willfully disregarding advances made in breast cancer research because something else is more important to you.

Advances in any kind of cancer research can lead to advances in specific types of cancer.

Any advance is cause for celebration.

Are women in their 40’s and 50’s not mothers, sisters and wives who have value to their loved ones? Calling a person who could die from cancer, no matter what type, a “sacred cow” is rather narrow minded and heartless, JKM.

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I called a particular cause a sacred cow—NOT a sufferer of that disease.

Pink ribbons everywhere, football players in pink, health insurers being forced to cover mammograms & reconstructive surgery for mastectomy patients at 100% whether they want to or not, a special Medicaid program for women only with breast cancer treatment needs—who else gets a special Medicaid program or reconstructive surgery covered at 100%?

Guess I’d be heartless and narrow minded, too, if one of my dinner guests was grabbing all the food & leaving the others with little if I yelled ENOUGH ALREADY! OTHERS WANT TO EAT, TOO!

Angelina Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, wanted women to be aware of other gynecological cancers, too. The poor lady died from ovarian cancer.

I agree with her, there are other cancers that deserve awareness and development.

LMAO …oops…(I apologize)

All cancers need awareness and development…I don’t think anyone can argue that. This thread was about some good news for a change. Thanks for shitting all over it.