Classified/Top Secret Documents are being sold on Wal-Mart website

Some group called “K Sparkle” is responsible. K Sparkle lists a public business phone number on their Wal-Mart seller profile. The number is registered to ZK Sparkle Enterprises LLC in Florida.

ZK Sparkle Enterprises LLC is owned by Yanqiong Guan and Cai Zhen.

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Woah - it’s still up too. The item is out of stock so does this mean someone bought it?

Also - what’s up with Walmart letting people sell stuff on their site now?

Hackers appear to be using legitimate businesses with online web stores to move stolen documents. This is something that the FBI should probably be looking into but they are too busy worrying about IOTBW posters.

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When are we just going to start beating on the Chinese? They deserve it more than anyone else at this point.