CIA Chief Warns ANTIFA is Being Trained in Syria for War in the West

This is why we have guns! Keep your powder dry folks, because the instance that a Antifa member fires a single shot at a US citizen, they will live to forever regret it. Its just a matter of time before they do something, and being vigilant is our best defense.

CIA Chief discusses Anitfa members training alongside PKK (a communist Kurdish group) to gain combat experience with goal of deployment across Europe and North America.

I feel safer knowing you will be coordinating the fight back from behind your keyboard.

This is the same Brad Johnson who believes Antifa and ISIS were behind the Las Vegas shooting.

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I will take Politico over the obscure hate filled websites that you use as sources.

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Well, not only that, if it’s true, it doesn’t matter what the source is and BJ does believe Antifa was the LV shooting.

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