China's Uighur Crisis

Pretty accurate…

What would that be? And why are you concerned about how China deals with terrorists and terrorism in China?

@Exodus: I watched the first two-thirds yesterday and have just watched the final third; it’s all there, isn’t it!! Maybe @David, who has insinuated that I’m a racist, would find it interesting; he obviously needs a lesson about what’s going on in the real world.

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It’s fake news to demonize China!!??

Just out of curiosity @DMK, do you believe the Salisbury/Novichok story? Or Assad’s supposed gas attack in Douma?

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China knows something we obviously don’t, thanks to our ‘useful idiots’. It’s a bit like why the Rohingya were kicked out of Myanmar. I’ll never forget the words of a BBC correspondent as she was witnessing them making their way to Bangladesh - ‘I’ve never seen so many children.’ If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will.


Uighurs are one of the Turkic peoples.
Turks were pagan while they fought the Chinese Sui and Tang Dynasties in northern China but they took on various religions after they were defeated by the Chinese in the 6th century and fled west.
Some converted to Islam, including the Uighurs
some to Judaism, like the Khazars,
and some to Christianity.

Cheering for the death of every terrorist and insurgent.

It’s hilarious since Obama pretty much ended capture missions and went to the “drone war”, “bombing the hell out of the middle east”.

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Exactly correct, all made up shit.

China is a terrorist state, don’t you think?
Why do you think so many Chinese want to migrate to Canada, Australia, and even to Europe.

There is an Uighur neighborhood in Shanghai.
I visited it a few times, and I thought Islam and communism are incompatible.

When will Turkey admit the Armenian genocide? And please don’t drag Trump into this. It’s simply a matter of owning up & being honorable. And when will the USA admit to the genocide of Native Americans; or Spain to the genocide of Central & South American natives. It’s called man’s inhumanity to man. The entire world has much to admit & answer for. So, what Uighur crisis in China? The problem today is, radical Islam has set the stage for all of Islam. What about the slaughter of white farmers in South Africa?

George Dubya Bush, son of George HW Bush

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Yes, it is a lot to read, and does not include recent whispers.

I heard that families whose ‘men’ had been detained were repopulated with other Chinese men. Their job being to ‘re-educate’ the family members.

Sketchy information on that theme, so I will watch for any supporting information.

That’s pretty shortsighted IMO. Christians are also being caught and rounded up.

Unless you feel the power of state is almighty.

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What is short sighted of an observation?

Your myopia. …

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Yes I remember the protests from the pansy left when Obama was ‘droning’ right along - bet you didn’t protest when your messiah was Prez…


That’s it in a nutshell - a perfect summation.

At the risk of repeating myself, our prisons do exactly the same as China, ie. we force Islamic inmates to undergo de-radicalization instruction courses, so what’s the big deal about China doing it ffs?

Really? Are UK prisoners effectively slaves living in utterly inhumane conditions?

Reprogramming in communist China is nothing like reprogramming in western nations.

:roll_eyes: If you have any proof (remember that word?) to qualify that hysterical conclusion, you should present it. If you don’t then stop parroting what you’ve been told by western propagandists, because it’s nothing but unproven bullshit. Jesus you sooooo gullible.