China - competitor, or opponent?


Right Reading comprehension is not your strong suit! I am not surprised by your response as narrow minded as you come across, skip right to the hegemonic terms and presume!


China will never have the logistics means to carry out a land invasion into the US! Your simply ignoring quite a bit of variables I pointed out earlier! And Yes you are cherry picking my statements as you ignored several points I made earlier. Also the Panama canal being owned by the Chinese is not is major issue when it comes to a broader conflict, in this part of the Hemisphere! Your simply delusional!


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You can’t possibly say that with any factual basis.

They could conduct one now if they wanted to through the route I described using nothing but their own commercial shipping to move all of the men and equipment into place if they had it.

Their ability to move large numbers of military personnel in the future will only increase.

Right now they are following very much the Imperial Japanese Model starting with spreading through the Western Pacific and are also making moves in Africa.


The canal zone gives them a base of operations and the gov’t of Panama is now all but a wholly owned Chinese Subsidiary.

They are heavily dependent on the Chinese economically.


Yes I can say that! You are completely ignoring the most important factor in all of this, which I mentioned earlier which makes your statements on the subject superfluous and not rooted in reality but more of the same speculative BS without the important considerations relating to strategy! We can neutralise the Panama Canal really easy! How about you acknowledge what the US can do instead sucking Chinese cock in your arguments!


You have yet to show anything that makes that not a viable possibility nor can you.

China is both a rising economic and military threat. Most people with any understanding of geopolitics understand this.

If we don’t successfully counter their strategy the US is in deep trouble.


It’s completely different.

The US expanded it’s manufacturing and technological economies right along with Europe doing so.

We took an enormous leap forward over the rest of the world as a direct result of WWII when most of Europe and Asia were in tatters taking decades to recover.

China started their expansion in the late eighties, it became exponential during the 90’s and coming into this century it was the hottest economy in the world and has remained such continuously since with only a few bumps in the road.

Their current growth rate is almost 5x that of most of Europe and almost twice ours.


These are your words are they not?

You seem to have made it rather clear.


I have a family member who lives there, since 2008, I have been once in 2009

I am not disputing their corporate theft, however they are capable of original thought. Just take a peek at the growing list of countries barring Huawei G5 equipment from their infrastructure.

…and I thought it was only the British who were pompous.

“afford” is not necessarily a monetary quantity.


I don’t see anyone else having landed on the far side of the moon.


China is a competitor, an opponent AND a partner.

They absolutely steal intellectual property. They absolutely are playing the long game, trying to position themselves as the most influential country in the world.

But they also have helped our economy become the envy of the world. And they have made a lot of americans, like the Walton’s, very, very rich.

Very complex situation.

This of course doesn’t mean we just grin and bear their misdeeds. and I think picking this fight might be one of the few things Trump has right. Might be the best thing he’s done IMO though I would have to think a bit more about that before saying it.

Though I disagree with using tariffs that end up with us bailing out farmers.


About the Trump trade deal with China, wouldn’t it be better, at least strategically, if the deal didn’t happen? Why bother trading freely and fairly with a country determined to undermine our values whilst promoting values at odds with ours.


Come to think of it other then Europeans once I don’t see anyone else then America landing on Mars. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Right. Agreed.
And the symbolic value of growing a plant there is lost on those who only have utilitarian technical values.

I expect that they will follow up with a self contained small ecosystem in which an egg hatches and some living organism is born and lives out its 5, 10, or 20 day life cycle… eating food that is grown in that little ecosystem. It’s no great technological feat and was likely done on the space station but the symbolism of doing it on the surface of the moon is great.


I didn’t criticise Americans of not being capable of original thought :wink:. Anyhow, I suppose the Chinese are happy to let the Americans have the one way tickets.


We can send up Chinese Americans. They’re smaller thus lighter payload…and they don’t eat as much. :wink: