China - competitor, or opponent?


VZ is a cancer on South America, we don’t have to fix it until the other regional powers can’t keep up with the refugee crisis.

They are a good, bad example.


If VZ devolves into a civil war no one will be able to handle the refugees.

Geopolitically we can’t afford to stand back if that happens and that’s the only way Maduro can hang onto power.

From what I’m seeing we’re already moving forces into the area to discourage it.

All of VZ’s neighbors have come out in support of the new gov’t, if the Chinese had a carrier based expeditionary force parked off of the coast it would complicate the hell out of things and might have discouraged them from stepping up so quickly and maybe prevented them from doing so at all as it would pose a serious threat to those gov’ts as well.


Socialism: yes, you can vote your way into it … but you have to shoot your way out of it.


No country has a generation 6 Stealth fighter yet only a 5th. Tell me what Stealth Fighter jet in the world is a generation 6? The US Airforce just announced not too long ago that they awarded Gruman the contract to design their next generation 6 Fighter Jet new design which will not be seen until 2035.


China is our opponent/enemy, and they have never forgiven us for our part in their Century of Humiliation.


By making sure China is a big creditor of ours.


Can you flesh out some of these figures?

So the size of potential armies, productions capacity etc…


The US, Japan, France, China, and Russia are all working on 6th generation fighters and have been for quite some time in top secret programs.

Next generation development always starts before the current latest generation is even fielded.


You can start here.


Good one, well put.

The very nature of power is corrupting and once you give the gov’t that much control over your life you’re one step away from waking up one day under the thumb of the latest “Dictator for Life”.


Tell me something I don’t know! The key word is “Development”, none of the aforementioned countries has a 6th generation fighter currently in service within their fleets. With the exception of the Russians, if China was so adept at actually creating their own fighter jet they wouldn’t be trying to steal our ideas all the time! The Russians at least are able to think for themselves in terms of innovation. Funny how their (China’s) Jets has a striking similarity as the F-22 and F-35? Lastly when the the US do finally reveal their 6th Generation Fighter Jets, they will prove once again they are the tip of the spear that will render these you listed as obsolete! This I know for a fact.


This really is the heart of it all! This is a good read in terms of US-China strategy in the longer term, and Trade is central to this!


Until the Chinks start accurately using their rail-gun.


The Russians were using a similar system in WW2

This is true. Just one of the US production lines of combat aircraft in the 40s produced more aircraft than the whole of the UK output.


Do not underestimate the Chinese. Yes they stole everything they could, even Obama complained about the lack of protection afforded in China to US or European patents. However we are now witnessing the Chinese being able to have their own original thoughts. They stole everything to catch up, but they are now forging ahead.


They can use it… once or twice… before it disintegrates. We have had the same capability for awhile. I suspect we are much better than when I last read. And we will not know on this forum where either country is technologically if the TRL is less than 8 or 9. The details will be too sketchy.


Even making some decent guitars.


They don’t have to develop their own from scratch, they have US Tech and Russian tech to work with and no doubt are also stealing from the Japanese.

These are rising threats, future threats which is exactly what we have to prepare for and be a generation ahead at all times for numerous reasons not the least of which is that it is a deterrent to help avoid future conflicts.

China has a massive advantage though in industrial capability and even with slightly inferior planes will be able to do as the US once could and produce them in huge numbers which can quickly overwhelm our technological advantage. That is a very real danger to us and gives them good reason to believe they can defeat us in a conflict should we go head to head once they have an expeditionary capability and can then project forces well beyond their own landmass and shores.

To remain the sole military superpower we’ll have to not only keep leading technologically we’ve got to have sufficient numbers and the ability to produce massive numbers if needed and right now we don’t, not even close.


How does that change the economic equation?

We’re building Rail Guns too.


The Chinese rail gun is operational and expected to be deployed within 2 years.

The US rail gun has been blanketed, and was not expected for about 7 years.

As usual the truth is unobtainable.