China banned millions of people with poor social credit from transportation in 2018

Can you clarify your point? Bc Im making a distinction between a simple black list for the bus vs. a universal ban on public transportation based on some sort of comprehensive “social credit” in that post.

Hey they agreed to the climate change deal, they can pollute as much as they like til 2030.

The idiot left see no problem with that. Does the idiots on the left know we all breath the same air??? Do the idiots on the left understand if they’ll industry in the US it will simply move industry to China???

Is the world laughing it’s ass off at the US? You Bet!

The left has been the reason the world is laughing at us for decades.


Yes I get that part. What I am trying to say, that whenever there is a call to ban something. regardless of issue, it never is about a simple list, but an issue that is used as an excuse to usher in something that is more controlling and sinister where everyone suffers. For example: Gun control. My point is, its a slippery slope, and when we bring this issue to legislators how many times does it ever end up being a simple black list? Do you trust politicians in this day in age to do the right thing? I know I don’t!

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I think they should be slapped for slurping their noodles, too.

Violating personal space is a contact sport…not a fan of it at all.

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I find that < sarcasm > luv it < /sarcasm > works quite well, however I often forget to use it…

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Why in the world would you think the extreme of what happens in China would happen here?

People in the United States are already “punished” for low credit scores. They cannot finance much, they pay higher rates if they can get financing and sometimes it precludes you from getting employment.

Private businesses can ban people from their stores.

Unruly passengers are remove from flights or arrested once the plane lands, and I would imagine put on a no fly list for that particular air line.


Do I really have to answer that question? Seriously? Have you not been following what has been happening with tech and the the current roll out of 5G? You think its not possible? Better think again! I look at things in the aggregate not a singular example, and I am just pointing out the potential for things to go awry when things like this is magnified.

Not as bad as the French. They openly piss in the street and then prop up their (unwrapped) baguettes in said piss.

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That is the same here. There is no evidence that would change. I think fair enough.

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Social credit, what China is acting on in this instance, is distinct from financial credit.

There’s a line from My Fair Lady: “The French don’t care what they do actually, as long as they pronounce it properly.” that can be used to illustrate the difference.

Financial credit relates to what you do. Social credit relates to what you say.

With unbastardized socialism the “ideal” (what socialists apparently deem to be ideal) is that they don’t care about what you do but classically are intolerant of saying stuff incorrectly.

Aside: If any Leftists want to balk at that, well too bad! You cannot have socialism without forcing people to divert from the ordinary and even rightful focus of their natural affections as human beings in order to get them to be socialistic, to place their affections and affectations to where socialism demands and no where else. Otherwise, people erode socialism naturally just by being people as socialism is contrary to human nature.

Back from the aside.

Conversely with unbastardized capitalism people tend to place a great deal of emphasis on financial credit but wouldn’t necessarily let others being politically incorrect (as opposed to being exceptionally filthy or vulgar) keep them from making a sale.

Now the ChiComs have purposefully veered into a bastardized capitalism as a survival strategy in hopes of building a hegemony they hope can sustain itself once they stop bastardizing their socialism (they are still ChiCom after all!) so since their end goal is still socialism should we be surprised that they will be overtly caring about wrong-think more and more the stronger their hegemonic position becomes?

Clamping down on speech, even thinking, was always in the works for the ChiComs – the Cultural Revolution was not a departure in Kind so much as an over the top excess in Kind.

Now we turn again to your post: among the Left as informed by Cultural Marxism what we call political correctness, even the nuttiest examples as seen with these campus Snowflakes and genderism, isn’t a departure in Kind but just them being what they are … with some to doing so wildly impudent degrees.

As I said earlier: fussing about what people DO is very different than fussing about what they SAY. With the Left in this country they tend to fuss a great deal about the latter at this time and also get quite upset if anyone but the government (or whomever they imagine should make their rules) fusses about the former.

Thus a private Person or privately held entity caring about what some folks do, especially when it’s something the Left thinks shouldn’t be cared about or should be protected, is seen differently than when the government tries to pretty well near regulate every aspect of life that isn’t about having sex or removing obstacles to having more sex.

You believe the Chinese are Socialists rather than Communists?

“The goal of socialism is communism.” – Lenin

Look, when someone wants me to live in a cesspool with them I don’t really debate how deeply they are standing in it when they express that desire.

If they merely want more socialism, want socialism, or are outright communists it makes little difference to me.

All are to be flatly opposed.

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The two are interlinked.

China is a Communist country in the same manner as the US is a Democratic country. Neither form of government is practical nor even possible over time in a pure form.


You are correct. It is nothing but a behavior enforcement mechanism from the government. You need not be a criminal, or have harmed anyone. You need only to act in such a way that it causes government disapproval. It is born of the same authoritarianism that spawns so called progressive liberal practices of making your life hell if you don’t agree with them.


Socialism and Communism are near synonymous terms! One leads to the other.

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I believe fascist would be the correct term.

Sounds like paradise compared to San Fran.

Used needles and human feces are found littering downtown San Francisco as infectious disease expert warns the area is becoming dirtier than some slums in India and Brazil

  • A recent investigation found 100 drug needles and more than 300 piles of feces on a 153 block area of downtown San Francisco
  • Infectious disease expert Dr Lee Riley told NBC Bay Area that the streets are getting dirtier than some slums in Brazil, Kenya and India
  • City Supervisor Hillary Ronen said the issue goes back to the city’s homeless problem
  • She says that too much of the focus has been on finding the homeless permanent housing
  • If the city had more temporary beds in shelters, the homeless would be off the streets and not leaving behind such a mess
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