China and The Nancy Pelosi Conundrum

As of late the entire Pelosi pretense of insider trading has hit another level of intensity. The fact that she recently publicly announced a visit to Taiwan has sparked a fury among our CHICOM adversaries by making veiled threats leading some to speculate that such a provocation could lead to a escalated conflict. Some also suggest that she did this on purpose in order to deflect attention away from the the recent scrutiny of her husband banking on recent announcements relating to stocks where he and her stood to profit handsomely. (Insider trading) She is guilty as such and now as a result China may invade Taiwan soon to which their timeline has been moved up within 18 months.

China holds live fire Navy drills in Taiwan Strait

In a nutshell:

Nancy is unhinged, is irrational, is looking to deflect from her stock dealings and her husbandโ€™s DUI, is a liar, is nutty, is desperate for attention and approaches everything with radical idiocy. I fear she is going to get us into a war.

This is a perfect example of who should not be in leadership positions and everything that is currently wrong with the country!

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This is one ugly face!

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