CCP Virus, The Lockdowns, Protests and Rioters: The REAL Reasons and Motives why George Floyd's Death is a Phony Narrative

For months I have been saying that the “big ugly” is about to come and so here it is, it has officially arrived, the proverbial Kitchen sink being thrown at this administration from the deep state. First lets provide a little context so you can at least share the perspective that I am seeing as I view the current events from a farther out lens as its being unfolded in real time.

Lets start with some motives here.

Russian Collusion, Impeachment, Michael Flynn, FBI corruption, Democratic corruption, China’s
infiltration in our political, financial and educational institutions, voter fraud, Illegal spying, Obama’s complicity of spying on an duly elected President.

All that is mentioned is one that has put many of the power brokers in a compromising position. First we had the covid-19 outbreak by China as a way to slow the world economy down while China’s economy was slowing down even faster due to the trade wars with certain countries including the US.

Questions to consider:

Was the virus release a coordinated attack with the CCP and the Deep State such as Brennen and his Black Hat conspirators because 1.Running out the clock until and after the elections serves his and many of his operators interests in order to escape justice? 2. To create and sow chaos in order to weaken Trump at all costs in order gain leverage at the ballot box in November?

OK so following the CCP Virus outbreak in the US, all Democratically led states have out breaks of the Virus to the point that a crisis is created in order for the likes of Cuomo to appear on Television every day in order to give fake updates and impose draconian measures in order to enforce an unconstitutional mandate for people to stay in their homes. (Lockdowns) In this same narrative deaths not related to the CCP- Virus are being reported as Covid-19 related anyway because doing so insures more payout ($13,000)

Doctors speak out about the treatments being wrong and misdiagnosed, thus their videos on Youtube disappear and are silenced.

HCQ is systematically being discredited by the MSM, Faucci and State representatives as being an effective treatment when in fact it is.

The economic downturn begins, as more and more Americans start to lose their jobs and a source of income. Lives are ruined.

The economic impact on regular lives starts to take its toll as many start defying both Mayors and Governors of these states and their shelter at home orders. Lawsuits begin.

Protests regarding the lockdown start in certain places like Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin and in other places.

Now fast forward to the event of George Floyd taking place where a Police officer inadvertently kills a black suspect with a rap sheet a mile long. Peaceful protests then begin that suddenly turns into a nationwide phenomenon that is followed up with burning down buildings, looting and Murder. Democratic Mayors, and Governors allow it to happen by pulling back their police forces. Unemployment is at record all time high.

Some more salient facts to boot that adds to the narrative of this being a coordinated event.

Democratic leaders refuse to denounce ANTIFA, BLM and call them terrorist groups.

Blacks being killed disproportionately by White Cops is simply not true, according to the CDC and the FBI database where such statistics are published and kept support that as being a fact. MSM continues to put out false facts about these statistics.

It wasn’t possible for a US president, the first black president to be elected in US history to two terms in office if the country was overwhelmingly racist.

MSM narratives have continued to report false narratives of systemic racism in order to stoke the flames of the racial divide.

There is more, but I will add more later.

So now what are we hearing as the current framed narrative while approaching the national Elections?

From the AP:

The country faces the worst rate of unemployment since the Great Depression. And civil unrest that harkens back to the 1960s has erupted in dozens of cities following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died when a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes even after he stopped moving and pleading for air.

It’s a confluence of events that no U.S. leader has faced in modern times, made all the more complicated by a president who has at times antagonized the protesters and is eager to take the fight to Biden.

This latter is published as Biden officially becomes the Democratic Nominee that will face Trump in November. In other words, with everything that has happened these past few weeks, the narrative is formulated, the stage is set in order for democrats to plead their case that everything is Trump’s fault. Its as predictable as Dogs chasing cats, and chaos is the Democratic machines MO. Any narratives about “BLM” and systemic racism against blacks is simply a false one designed to divide and conquer the current regime in order to weaken his case come November.

Then as Tucker points out, there are many who became victims of these protests. Does MSM or any other liberal tart here mention any of that? Nope! Then again, that is hardly the issue here. The issue is that most of what we are seeing play out in terms of the CCP virus, followed by the Lockdowns, then of course the Riots and looting is all by design in order for Democrats to claim victim status and find any excuse to not only impose new draconian laws aimed at disarming citizens, imposing restrictions but to take away more of the citizen rights.