Camo netting, an age-old tool, is being re-engineered for the modern battlefield


New camo to hide heat and electronic signatures of troops and vehicles is being tested.

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Cool. (No pun intended. :wink: )


The most important words in that article are these.

“We know that adversary acquisition systems are very, very capable,” Milley said.

One of the reasons is that we educate and train our adversaries in the very universities that we attend.
And then there is the issue of others working in foreign industries just being at least as smart and capable as we are… especially when they are not dogged by an HR system that is more focused on social engineering than on excellence.

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Yes, our universities are selling our technological advantages to hostile and competitive states. Sadly, each year I see DoD farm out more and more basic research to professors and students in our universities who cannot even visit their sponsors in their home facilities.

Even worse is that many of the few clearable technical people that do come out of our universities are indoctrinated to hate America.