CA McDonald's plays bagpipes 24/7 to stop homeless from sleeping near restaurant

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Residents are not lovin’ a new idea launched by a Sacramento McDonald’s to deter the homeless from sleeping near the restaurant.

The sounds of bagpipes play 24/7 from the speakers at the fast-food restaurant.

Locals say the new method is not working, and have spoken with management in hopes they’ll pull the plug.

“It actually penetrates through the walls. We can hear it. I’m trying to watch TV or whatever, and it’s going through that,” said Arnold Phillips.

Neighbors have taken their frustrations to a corporate level, but officials have yet to respond to their requests.

I bet a 24/7 "call to prayer’ would work. Sounds like a cat having it’s skin peeled off. Although there may be diminishing returns; since it would probably keep customers away.

It’s private property. They should hire a couple of bouncers and let them do what bouncers do best. No obnoxious sounds blaring from speakers required!

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These businesses should just start shutting down and relocating out of state. I’m sure the franchise owners of this McDonald’s would rather not do that but their customer base is going to be gone soon anyway. They might as well close their doors now and open a business somewhere else.