Buttigieg surges while Warren nosedives

Peter rising, Gray Beaver going down…

He maybe surging but Americans are not ready to vote for a gay couple to run the country! Especially the African American vote which is polling next to zero!

Check out this puff piece! This guy grew up a privileged white kid, and I hardly think that will play well with the current demographics of the country!

The Dems REALLLLY dont get it.

None of their candidates are at all suitable.

Not at all.

Not one.


Soft on Socialism

Rush said the campaigns took their cues from polling done on, or by, or based on Facebook opinions without figuring that FB skews faaaar to the Left and doesnt reflect the average voters sentiments.

So, they got the idea that they can distance themselves from their competitors in the hearts of the people by out-racing each other to see who could pander farthest to the Left.

They are showing exactly why they dont deserve to be in power.

They are inept and looney or clunky egg heads AND various shades of RED.

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Buttigieg is no moderate.

Critical point, in the Democratic field, he’s a moderate.