Brexit Betrayal

No I didn’t - how did you find that out?

Nothing to do with you though you are a pain.

That seems to be a growing problem…

Whose is? Why TF don’t you put some context into your posts?

The most recent broadcast of BBC QT had only 1 Brexiter and the rest were Remoaners. So what happened to ‘The BBC Question Time audience is randomly selected from all parts of the country’ then? Ah well, they can’t get it right every time . . . oh but they can, can’t they!!

If you’re English you’re British.

I’ve seen the end results of nationalism close up. It’s beyond tragedy. “Patriotism” and “nationalism” aren’t synonyms.

English people are predominantly Anglo-Saxons a unique breed of people however Anglo-Saxons can be British but not all British people are Anglo-Saxons

Google doesn’t define the term “Nationalism” BTW,

Nationalism is a way of thinking that says that some groups of humans, such as ethnic groups, should be free to rule themselves. Nationalists think that the best way to make this happen and avoid control or oppression by others is for each group to have their own nation.

The term itself hasn’t changed only the historical context used by others to identify an adverse view towards groups of people who oppose collectivism!

It’s English first and British second.

England by itself is a single country England and Wales together are called Britain add Scotland and it becomes Great Britain and then when the Northern Irish join it becomes the United Kingdom

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@Patriot @KVN @Tyfoon

I see no reason to close the thread.


I’m glad the thread’s still open or I wouldn’t be able to post this . . .

I just tweeted After 3 years of Maybot turning up on their doorstep with the begging bowl @ all hours of the day and night, & 3 months of Boris toying with them like a cat toys with a mouse, it won’t surprise me if they ‘write a letter’ ( :roll_eyes: ) telling us to ‘Eff off and don’t come back’? lol

Actually let’s hope I’m right? :sunglasses: :grinning:

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I hope you are right but something tells me that they are gonna fudge a deal and stitch us up like kippers.

‘fudging’ is what bureaucrats always do when they wanna get their own way, and it always ends tits-up. If they do try to pull a fast one on us though, don’t expect Nigel to keep quiet about it. And MPs like Nigel Evans - watch this when you have a few minutes to spare . . .

Now there’s a true patriot, and a great MP of integrity - and there ain’t many of them around these days?

“EU issues Brexit warning to PM”

Honestly, the breath-taking chutzpah of these Johnny Foreigners eh? They obviously haven’t heard about our ‘bulldog spirit’ - the more you threaten us, the more determined we’ll be to put you down.

This from Cummings cheered me up

We will make clear privately and publicly that countries which oppose delay will go the front of the queue for future cooperation — cooperation on things both within and outside EU competences. Those who support delay will go to the bottom of the queue. [This source also made clear that defence and security cooperation will inevitably be affected if the EU tries to keep Britain in against the will of its government] Supporting delay will be seen by this government as hostile interference in domestic politics, and over half of the public will agree with us.

We will also make clear that this government will not negotiate further so any delay would be totally pointless. They think now that if there is another delay we will keep coming back with new proposals. This won’t happen. We’ll either leave with no deal on 31 October or there will be an election and then we will leave with no deal.

‘When they say ‘so what is the point of delay?’, we will say “This is not our delay, the government is not asking for a delay — Parliament is sending you a letter and Parliament is asking for a delay but official government policy remains that delay is an atrocious idea that everyone should dismiss. Any delay will in effect be negotiated between you, Parliament, and the courts — we will wash our hands of it, we won’t engage in further talks, we obviously won’t given any undertakings about cooperative behaviour, everything to do with ‘duty of sincere cooperation’ will be in the toilet, we will focus on winning the election on a manifesto of immediately revoking the entire EU legal order without further talks, and then we will leave. Those who supported delay will face the inevitable consequences of being seen to interfere in domestic politics in a deeply unpopular way by colluding with a Parliament that is as popular as the clap.

Those who pushed the Benn Act intended to sabotage a deal and they’ve probably succeeded. So the main effect of it will probably be to help us win an election by uniting the leave vote and then a no deal Brexit. History is full of such ironies and tragedies.

Good stuff. These upstart Johnny Foreigners have never heard of of our ‘bulldog spirit’, where the more we’re threatened, the more we dig our heels in. Time they found out that we’re made of sterner stuff, and put them back in their respective boxes. We’ve been humiliated enough over the last three long years, and (pardon another cliche lol) the worm has turned. Rule Britannia, and all that?

I’ve slowly been reading this thread. Why would you demand that it be shut down? There’s a lot of good information here and it helps people like me learn about what’s happening.


Often when a user starts a thread intended for serious discussion, that user assumes “ownership” of the thread…often calling it “my thread”. While it may be true that no threads have been started here without the efforts of the Opening Poster, that doesn’t morph into control of the thread.

I’ve been on other boards where the creator of a thread does have the ability to close and open the thread at will. This is tantamount to censorship and unwelcome by me and thousands of other fair people.

I suspect @Jen 's motives in this case are related to the continual interruption of serious discussions of Brexit issues here by a pair of puerile twits playing out lengthy pissing contests in their efforts a post the “last word” in the form of the wittiest putdown ever uttered.

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