***BREAKING *** Julian Assange kicked out of Ecuador's Embassy in London, arrested…UPDATE

I think he has some power to negotiate in the US… especially if names like Seth Rich are relevant. He needs protection or we might see another Jack Ruby show up.
The Clintons are from the depths of Hell.

I think his best chance of survival is to give up his sources and being tried under US law where he will be afforded a trial, which will be interesting if discovery process is allowed. But yes his life is in danger.

There is the Bradley Manning thing too. Obama pardoned him. So Assange’s lawyers will say “leaking top secret info is not such a terrible act” .

Speaking of Manning… he’s back in jail because he refused to testify against Assange. Man…this is convoluted.

It will be interesting to see how this will all play out, but I would think turning Assange so that he assists the people who are trying to pursue the criminals might actually help. At least that is my hope!

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All the he/she has to do is claim that he/she and Assange were secretly married over the internet and the records have been deleted.


Yep. Then some community service or house arrest with no ability to access the internet.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the people who steal the classified data - like Manning - who are the real threats.

Assange used to be on the run for some underage sexual accusations. I read those charges have been dropped. So now, I’m not sure what the charges are. Publishing classified info when you don’t have a security clearance and never signed a non-disclosure agreement used to be non-punishable. Jack Anderson was the classic case.

Well from what I understand as far as the UK is concerned there are no charges, only that he wil get 12 months in jail for not surrendering to the court when the sexual accusations were at its height. Those charges have since been dropped. Now what is being reported is that he was arrested due to US extradition request in which US authorities pressured Ecuador in doing!

Wasn’t Snowden a contractor with only a High School education and was not an official government employee?

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Snowden may have worked as a government employee at one time. But when Snowden committed his crime, Snowden was a government contractor …IIRC. He would have had to sign all the non-disclosure statements… I mean the real ones that say disclosure is punishable by fines and prison.

Well, Assange wasn’t smart enough to find refuge in Russia like Snowden did, as I am sure Russia would have given it to him if he wanted. Why do I suspect that there is something more to come out about what he knows? Deep sigh! I guess from another perspective, he is the last harbinger of free press or Journalism and why the Globalists want him captured. Then again I am sure he has his handlers working somewhere secret with hidden servers that will continue his work!

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So… the charges relate to manning. Assange is accused of helping manning break into a government computer. Huh? Manning had access already. Whatever.

Since Obama commuted Bradley Manning’s sentence, the government is going to have a hard time proving that the government considered the leak as significant.

That is why I am highly skeptical about what they are charging him with, and contrary to what others have said about getting a fair trial, I think his chances are much better in the US than in the UK IMO.

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Today is 4/11/2019

Well… to be fair…it’s 12 April in Anadyr.

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I am thinking ahead!


What if he has proof that there is no collusion between Russia and Trump’s Presidency campaign, or maybe some more Clinton material.

Personally, I would take the date out of the title.


Looks like it’s 4 degrees F there too.