***BREAKING *** Julian Assange kicked out of Ecuador's Embassy in London, arrested…UPDATE

WikiLeaks, blamed Ecuador’s souring relationship with Assange on their reporting of the so-called “INA Papers.” (Panama Papers) The scandal involving the papers alleged President Moreno enriched himself through an off-shore account in Panama. Moreno denies the allegations, but he is the one who has asserted that Assange violated the terms of his Asylum agreement with Ecuador so with an agreement with the UK they decided that Assange must leave the Embassy where it is projected that he will be arrested.

Should Trump Pardon him in exchange for testimony?

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According to Ecuadorian Officials Assange is not being asked to leave the embassy in the UK.

UPDATE 4/12/2019

Julian Assange Arrested at Ecuadorian Embassy.

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Update 4/12/2019

Interesting analysis by X-22 Report

A senior Ecuadorian official said no decision had been made to expel Julian Assange from the country’s London embassy despite tweets from WikiLeaks that sources had told it he could be kicked out within “hours to days”.

Really though, I think considering Julian’s current extremely isolated conditions and the cruel treatment from the personnel inhabiting the embassy that he now lives in, jail might be Julian’s next best option. Hopefully, it would be a short stint and the high levels of support that he has would minimize any possible torturous solitary BS the bastards may try to pull off. Considering Julian’s long unattended bouts with various ailments, it sounds like he is in dire need of medical attention. At least he can get that and sunlight and outside exercise in a fucking prison. He should be able to get more privacy and more visitors with less restrictions, shouldn’t he?

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I’ve noticed the same heading across lots of msm newspapers: “Ecuador President says Assange repeatedly violated. asylum agreement” - it’s just ridiculous because Assange did no such thing. The “asylum agreement” wasn’t an agreement, it was imposed without consent and has no legal standing.

The minute he steps outside that embassy, he’s dead. Some people think that he’s already dead and that the Assange we see today is a plant or CGI. Either way, if he makes it to prison he would be dead within a matter of hours.

Has no legal standing? According to who? Under what jurisdiction will such an agreement will prove it has no legal standing. Do you know the specifics of the agreement?

The moment he steps outside the embassy he will be arrested and detained. He’s monitored 24/7, how do you think he can arrange an exit out of the country when he can’t step past the threshold of the embassy? Now he’ll be grabbed up and tortured for whatever information he has, then imprisoned for the rest of his life. RIP Assange, you were a good man in an evil world, and are another one of the righteous crusaders to stand valiantly against all odds while the slack jawed uncaring masses stood by and watched without more than the most lukewarm of praise and applause, if they even noticed at all. There are no heroes left in man.

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That is pure speculation, although its one scenario that is possible. Another hypothetical is if Trump pardons him in exchange for testimony in regards to Podesta’s e-mails being hacked then its also possible this is another way out for him.

Trump’s pardon power is meaningless and irrelevant on sovereign British and Ecuadorian soil (embassy). In order for a pardon to mean anything, Trump would have to grant Assange citizenship, issue a pardon, then demand he be released into US custody so that he can be transported safely to the US.

That’s never going to happen.

Yeah sure whatever! There are many ways to make that possible, with an agreement with the UK. If they can extradite someone from Canada then they certainly can do it from the UK!

Who cares about bureaucratic government paperwork? Do you think that’s going to stop a bullet? Assange pissed off a lot of elites, many of whom aren’t in office anymore but who still have power and means to make things happen.

Sure.That is also possible. So your point is you don’t want a better resolution where he gets to live? Who else is going to try to negotiate a better outcome for him? What? He is going to spend the rest of his life in the Embassy?

Yes - Trump is in the best position to broker a release. I don’t see him lifting a finger to do anything though. I’d like to be wrong on this because despite what government bootlickers think, WikiLeaks has done a lot of good by keeping the public informed.

Bingo! Assange has the wrong last name.

Well, I am not disagreeing with you, I am just trying to list all the possible outcomes for Mr. Assange’s life. BTW, Trump can only do so much, it would actually be the state department under Mike Pompeo that would have to do the heavy lifting to get a deal done. So maybe you are right that he (Trump) won’t do anything. Having said that, SOS Pompeo already being on record as calling Assange a criminal when he was the head of the CIA it would seem the odds don’t favor such outcomes to happen in Assange’s best interests. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

Assange is a loose cannon.
Yes… I like it when he facilitates the disclosure of secrets of the enemies of America (like Hillary Clinton). But I don’t like it when he does the same against America.

He appears not to recognize that we are always at war and “All warfare is based on deception”. Without secrecy, there is no deception.

His net value to us is negative. Keep him away from us.

Trump should pardon Assange, offer him citizenship, and a stipend for WikiLeaks.

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The deep state strikes again. Assange was acting in the role of a journalist throughout his entire time with WikiLeaks. If Assange goes down, and press does not raise hell, that will truly be the end of a free press. They will just be propagandists for state actors.

This is why you don’t piss in everyone’s cornflakes. Make one or two powerful friends and then fuck with everyone else. Always remember the guy who did it right Edward Snowden who pissed of the American deep state but fled to Russia before they could black-bag him. By not fucking with Russia, and because Putin thought it would be funny Russia became a viable location to flee to. Don’t be like Assange naive idealists like him get shot in the head in a dark cellar, while men like Snowden bang hot Slavic women in a Moscow penthouse.

Well it looks like it begins. Should we be surprised that eventually this would happen?