Blackface Ralph Northam and Lunatic Virginia Democrats are Putting up a Wall Around State Capitol

It’s ironic watching insane Virginia Democrats establish a wall around the state capitol in Richmond to keep their constituents from holding them accountable…but these leftist traitors refuse to support a wall at our southern border to protect our national sovereignty.

Funny how they are rushing to protect themselves but don’t want the common person to be able to do the same.


From what I’ve read this lobby day event has been going on for decades. Every year people show up armed but because of all of the attention and stupidity the Democrats are running scared.

Maybe they should stop trying to make their own citizens and taxpayers criminals in the first place.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it. :joy:

They really really are clueless as to the cowards they show themselves to be.

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Didn’t they tell us that barriers are wrong and unethical?

Of course.

The “elites” need a come to Jesus moment.

They are servants of the public, not masters.

They seem to be confused about that. :wink:

Why are they putting it up? The taxpayers own that property and if they want to stand on the grounds and protest then they have every right to do so.

Do we own the White House, do we have a right to stand on its lawn and protest?